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Farm Business



This event is to foster information assimilation, critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to successfully manage an agricultural production unit, agri-business or in any business that uses generally accepted accounting principles and business management knowledge and skills. Information, concepts and skills applied in this event may also be foundational knowledge to be used in the study of agricultural economics, business or accounting at a college or university.


1. Three or four individuals per school form a team. All team members will be scored and the top three scores will count towards the team total.

2. It is required that participants be in official FFA dress in each event. Students not in official dress shall not be allowed to participate, but will be given opportunity to correct the attire deficiency as long as the start time of the event is not affected B. Equipment

1. Non-programmable calculators may be used in both exams and must be furnished by the team member.

2. Sharing of calculators between team members will not be permitted.

3. Electrical outlets will not be available for charging batteries, etc.

4. No allowance will be made for malfunctioning or inoperable calculators.

5. Copies of the two exams used in the event (including a key of correct answers) will be made available after the event. C. Event Schedule 1. Each contestant shall be allotted 2 1/2 hours to complete both the written and problem solving exams. Once a student is finished with the 1st section of the test the 2nd will be handed out.

D. Written Exam (100 points) 1. The exam shall be composed of 50 multiple choice or true/false questions.

2. Some questions may be problem type.

3. Team member will work as individuals to complete the written exam.

4. No answer choice may contain the (NONE OF THE ABOVE) answer choice.

E. Problem Solving (150 points)

1. No partial credit will be given on any problems.

2. Team members work as individuals.

3. No answer choice may contain the NONE OF THE ABOVE answer choice


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