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Creed Assignment

Reciting thecreed is a major test grade for all students in Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. All reciting of the creed will be during class and infront of the room.

For the maximumgrade of 100, the creed willbe recited in its entirety at onetime with minimal mistakes, missed words and bobbles.

For a maximum of 90, you may recitethe creed one or more paragraphs at a time, over no more than 5 days all in onecalendar week (Monday-Friday). The more you say at one time the higher yourgrade will be. Deductions will be taken for mistakes, missed words and bobbles.

While you arereciting the creed I will help you if you become stuck but remember your gradewill be adjusted if you have too many mistakes. If too excessive you will notreceive credit for the paragraph.

If you needadditional copies of the creed you can find them online. Go and click on the link that says Creed or youcan Google “FFA creed”.

The creed will berecited at the beginning of class only, for anyone who would like to recite itbefore the deadline. On the last day we will use as much class time as needed.The last day to recite the creed will be announced in class.

If you would like to compete in the Greenhand creed contest at the October meetingyou will need to let me know before hand. The winner of the Greenhand creed contestwill get a free FFA jacket and will be our contestant for the district Jr.Creed Speaking Contest.


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