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Vet Tech


PURPOSE-To promote career and post-secondary readiness by providing opportunities to develop knowledge and demonstrate skills in the field of veterinary science.


Written Test (100 points)
The test will consist of 50 questions, each question worth two points. The questions will come from a file of 285 questions from the veterinary science question bank.

Identification (150 points)
The identification portion will consist of:
1. Five Exotic animal breeds and 20 domestic animal breeds (two points each)
2. 25 Equipment/materials (two points each)
3. 25 Parasites and animal body parts (two points each)
a. The student will correctly position slides, set up a microscope to identify internal and external parasites. The student will also correctly identify internal organs from cats, dogs, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, or horses. Each identification will be worth two points.

Veterinary Science Skills Practicum (100 points)
The practicum is designed to evaluate participant’s knowledge of and ability to evaluate common laboratory, radiology and examination procedures performed in a veterinarians’ clinic. Some skills may require participants to complete posology calculations. A practicum may combine more than one skill which is listed for the designated contest year. In some cases, contestants may be provided a written scenario that they must assess to determine correct solutions.

2015 Practicums
√ Calculating percent solutions for a medication
√ Filling a prescription using instruction from the veterinarian
√ Administering routine immunization to the most common small or large animals
√ Naming and locating common sites for venipuncture employed in all domestic animals


Vet Tech Question Bank Josh Hughes 12/17/2014 248 KB
Breeds with Pictures Josh Hughes 12/17/2014 26767 KB
Organs Josh Hughes 12/17/2014 1210 KB
Parasites Josh Hughes 12/17/2014 1652 KB
Instruments Josh Hughes 12/17/2014 4892 KB



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