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Animal Projects for the Johnson County Junior Livestock Show

The first point we would like to make is that an Ag. Science student does not have to have a project. If they choose to have one, we encourage them to have an animal they can show at the Johnson County Show, but it is not required that they show the animal. They may raise it for meat, to sell at market, or for producing offspring. The reason we encourage them to show is they have an opportunity exhibit their animal and to possibly make money if their animal does well at the show, but again, there are no guarantees. If a student places high enough with their animals at the county show, they may sell a maximum of two animals in the auction as long as they are different species. (ex. may sell one lamb and one hog, but cannot sell two lambs.) Most divisions of market animals allow you to validate and show as many animals at county as you want, but you may only sell one of that species. The exception to this is the small animals (turkeys, broilers, and meat pen rabbits) in which you may only have two entries per exhibitor. The Johnson County Junior Livestock Show is the first week after GVISD’s Christmas break.  

The Grandview ISD has completed construction on an animal facility for use by students enrolled in Ag science classes. The purpose of this facility is to provide the opportunity for students without suitable facilities to have a place to raise their show animals. It is our hope that this will encourage students to participate in this aspect of the program that normally would not be able to. It is there for your use and we encourage you to take part. It is primarily designed for market lambs, goats and pigs. Other species can be discussed to explain the pros and cons of the facility.

There are two basic categories of animals that may be exhibited at the show; these are breeding animals and market animals. The breeding animals are females and are exhibited for trophies, ribbons, banners, and premium money. They do not sell at the show. The first groups of animals I will list are the ones eligible to sell at the County Show.

There are numerous “jackpot” or point shows throughout the year that some students may be interested in.

Students wishing to show in major shows need to realize the school does not pay any expenses for livestock shows.

We will be happy to assist any student with selecting and purchasing animals. We will do a group purchase of lambs, goats, hogs and rabbits if you want to participate in this. 


***** The information and cost estimates contained in this paper are for a general guide and individual situations may vary depending on specific circumstances. 

There is a set of general rules and specific rules for each division of the county show and major shows that you must read and understand prior to participating. Violation of any of the rules may result in severe penalties. When you and your parents sign the entry forms, you are certifying that you have read and understand the rules. The rules for most shows, including county, can be found in specific show catalogs and on the show’s website on the internet.

Animals do not have to be exhibited to be counted as a project for record book purposes. Any type of animal that the student is raising and caring for, able to keep records on, and has the potential of producing a profit may be counted as a project for the student’s record book.



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